Planting the Seeds of Hope

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Are you or someone you love struggling emotionally, mentally or perhaps experienced trauma? Healing is possible! Entering therapy can be scary and come with fears but you drive therapy which means healing is in your hands!
Through the eyes of Unconditional Love, we understand that all behaviors make sense given context! That means there is a reason why we do what we do! You can discover the reasons behind your behaviors or that of loved ones!! Identify the undesired behavior, discover the root/reason, process through the root/reason, let it go, and find healing!!

Cassandra Zeiler Elledge

Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC, SDP-A
Cassandra Elledge

Can you or your loved one believe….You are LOVED! You are VALUED! You are NEEDED! You are ACCEPTED! You BELONG! You are SAFE! You are SECURE! As the first & ONLY Certified Seed Digging Professional – Advanced, I can help you believe!! Feel free to phone, text, or email for any additional information or if you have any questions!!

We welcome the opportunity to assist you in your healing journey! The most important step to healing is to locate a therapist near you, that fits you and your needs! Today, take the first step and make contact with a therapist!! Begin your journey to healing!